Publish your data in various media formats without writing complex stylesheets. Using the TEI Processing Model, customising the appearance of the text is all done in TEI ODD by mapping each TEI element to a limited set of well-defined behaviour functions, e.g. “paragraph” or “heading”.

The specification includes a standard mapping, which can be tweaked by overwriting selected elements. Rendition styles are transparently translated into different output media types like HTML, XSL-FO, LaTeX, or ePUB. This approach may easily save a few thousand lines of code for media specific stylesheets.

Use this app to experiment and try out various ODDs containing processing model instructions. Upload your own files and create a custom ODD, then generate your own, standalone app (using the App Generator) covering all core features like browsing, search and PDF generation. Check the "App Examples" box for examples of real apps built with App Generator.

App Examples

Early English Books

Browse the entire corpus of 32852 books from the Early English Books Online collection.

Shakespeare's Plays

A collection of Shakespeare plays from The Bodleian First Folio.



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