royal blazon or coat of arms

BY THE Lord Lieutenant AND Council of Ireland.


WE the Lord Lieutenant and Council being informed, that both at the Aſſizes and Seſſions held in ſeveral Countyes of this Kingdom, divers ſummes of mony have been of late years levyed under Pretence of preſentments from the Grand Iuryes in ſuch Countyes, in divers caſes, where the ſame are not by Law warranted, with the payment whereof, his Majeſties Subjects have been unjuſtly charged, and the money ſo raiſed hath been many times converted to private uſes, for Remedy whereof and for the Eaſe of his Majeſties good Subjects herein, we have thought ſit hereby to require all Iudges of Aſſize and Iuſtices of Peace in the ſeverall Countyes of this Kingdom, to take ſpeciall Care at the ſeverall Aſſizes and Seſſions to be held by them reſpectively, that no preſentments of any Grand Iuryes be received or allowed of, nor any Orders given thereupon for the raiſing or leying any ſummes of mony upon the Country, but in ſuch Caſes onely where ſuch preſentments are by the Lawes and Statutes of force in this Realm warranted. And we do hereby further declare, That incaſe any perſon or perſons ſhall preſume to give Order for the raiſing or levying any ſumme or ſummes of money upon the Country, under Colour of any ſuch illegal preſentments from any Grand Iuryes, that upon Complaint and due proof made thereof at this Board, We ſhall give Order for proceeding againſt them in ſuch manner as the nature of ſo great an Offence doth require.

  • Mich: Dublin Canc.
  • Lanesborough.
  • Ca: Dillon.
  • Char: Meredith.
  • Ro: Booth.
  • J: Povey.
  • Will: Stewart.
God Save the King.